Schools & Education

With over thirty years of experience in undertaking refurbishments, at TSPRO Limited we offer a total project management philosophy, along with the integrity and exemplary levels of customer service that are invaluable when it comes to refurbishing schools and college buildings.

Looking for a company to carry out your school refurbishment can be time consuming, especially when it comes to comparing the credentials and levels of proficiency offered by reputable school refurbishment companies.

For TSPRO Limited, no job is too big or too small. As a school refurbishment company, we have experience in the refurbishing of complete buildings, through to single areas such as classrooms, lecture halls, canteens, sports halls, on campus accommodation including bedrooms and study areas, as well as washrooms and more.

And with many schools and colleges now offering conference facilities during holiday periods, you will find that our know how, when it comes to creating meeting, dining and lecture spaces to the exacting standards that businesses expect, is hard to beat during your school refurbishment.